Scentsy Scentsy Lamp Warmers

Scentsy is an International leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative & customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.
Scentsy Warmers heat up to only 52 degrees and only warm the scent out of the wax – the wax remains in the warmer, so there is no danger of chemicals being released into the home. At the end you will end up with a piece of non-smelling wax that you dispose of and replace with a new Scentsy candle bar.
  • NO Wick
  • NO Match
  • NO Flame
  • NO Soot
  • NO Toxins
  • NO Smoke
  • NO Wax Evaporation
All products are totally safe around children and pets and also safe for people suffering with asthma, breathing problems and sinus problems.  The good news is that all warmers have a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Why not choose a Personalised Hamper where you can choose your own items.  They are decorated specifically for any occasion e.g.
  • Christmas
  • Wedding
  • BirthdayScentsy warmers image
  • Engagement
  • House Warming
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Any Special Occasion