“I have recently had IET done with Heather ( Integrated Energy Threapy), I have found it really made a difference to me, I could literally feel my organs being energised, I felt like I was floating during my second session, I really feel IET and Heather have helped me work through my grief, as we all know grief is a process of stages that must be gone through and to get stuck in one of those stages is horrendous, I was stuck in guilt, that my life was moving on and my sons wasn’t, through IET I am no longer stuck there and have moved onto the next stage. I recommend anyone who has experienced loss of someone close should have a session of IET and see for yourself the benefits you will gain from this, myself I am looking forward to my 3rd session.” Karen (Facebook)

“I had a card reading by Heather today and I have to say it was a really lovely, relaxing experience, Heather’s reading was spot on too !! The smells and room was beautiful and so welcoming just as Heather was too! I would Definitely recommend Heather and her Therapy’s and will definitely be back again “- J xxx   Joanne (Facebook)

I’ve had two appointments with heather and they were brilliant I feel great for the first time in a long time deffo recommend” Katie Louise (Facebook)


“I had the IET treatment with Heather yesterday, I left calm, relaxed and rejuvenated! an absolute must try, I cannot wait to return. Heather is excellent”. Siobhan (Facebook)


“Had a lovely relaxed reading from heather today” 🙂 x Elizisish (Facebook)